We are AN Australian based dance cOUPLE with a passion for storytelling, movement and providing an unforgettable experience on stage and in the studio.


With over 15 years of dance, performance and teaching experience between us, we would like to provide you with the perfect dance package that suits your needs whether it be a stage performance, workshop for a studio or wedding dance for your special day. We strive to create for you a unique and individually packaged moment for you to experience. For all enquiries please click HERE and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

What We've Been Up To...



-        Head Choreographer – Spin Centenary Canberra Celebration

-        Dancer - Stan Walker

-        Artistic Director – Flow City with Jesse Rasmussen

-    Justin Bieber and Movement Lifestyle Australia Tour, Shaun Evaristo, Jon Boogie, Nick Demoura and Johnny Erasme Workshop Tour Manager

-    Brian Puspos and Pat Lam Australian Workshop Organizer

-     Emilio Dosal Australian Workshop Organizer

-     Australian Dance Convention Director, Mike Song, Chachi Gonzales and Lyle Beniga

-        So You Think You Can Dance Top 80

-       Assistant Teacher to Ellen Kim - Urban Dance Camp

-       International Choreographer – European Workshop Tour 2014-2015

-       Choreographer/Dancer – Ánders – You Didn’t Need My Love Official Music Video

-       Signed Talent – WhoGotSkillz and StarMoves in Germany, CLICK HERE

-     International Workshops including; Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Greece, London and Paris



-        Champion of the WORLD Junior II Standard Championship

-        Champion and Medalist of the German Open Championships

-        Multiple Champion for Moldova Dance Championships

-        National Star of Ballroom Dancing (Moldova)

-        Champion and Medalist for International Competitions including; Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Germany, Ukraine, Italy and Russia